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For monitoring during the day actively used camera with 10 x optical zoom and the ability to simultaneously perform photo and video fixation of situation. At the same time at night and in the daytime effectively used thermal imaging cameras. It is possible to switch in real time between the day camera and thermal imaging camera, what can significantly increase the efficiency of making to video monitoring.

Minimum dimensions (UAV just 50 x 60 x 15 cm when folded) for perform the task of flight up to 2 hours. At the same time the UAS "Patriot R2" is equipped the daytime camera with zoom lens and imager in a single housing of gyrostabilized suspension.


Completely missing remote direct control of the aircraft for the maximum simplification of work. Also in the UAS used an encrypted communication channels for transmitting commands to change the height, the coordinates of way and flight mode.

The plane takes off with a simple elastic catapult flies at a given height, makes the necessary video areas of the territory and lands at a designated place - completely automatically. Parachute system is not only means of planting the device in normal mode, but also preserves the design of the aircraft due to the autonomous module, which ensures the opening of a parachute in case of contingencies in the air.

The system is also equipped with means of monitoring the current position of the aircraft, which allows you to track its location in the absence of radio communication between the ground station and control it.


Ground station allows you to perform backup of video recording even in the absence of the channel telemetry and control.

 Since its inception, the company "ITEC" worked on the development of complex of the aerial reconnaissance - UAS "Patriot RV010 "- whose goal was to implement the most simple solution in exploitation of the complex. Constant communication with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fighters volunteer battalions have provided comprehensive information about the real needs to conduct of photo and video reconnaissance in the area of the fighting in eastern Ukraine. The analysis of  received information, numerous test trials, the use of modern materials and technology in the manufacture of unmanned aviation complex made it possible to create a completely new functional complex of new generation - UAS "Patriot R2".

Sample photos taken with the UAS "Patriot R2", with a different altitude.